How Listening to Audiobooks Changes Modern Reading

Reading used to be considered a privilege that not too many people knew and could afford. Different types of books were handwritten, which took too much time and effort. This is why only a privileged few could afford to read and own them.  Things started to change from 1440 when a German inventor named Johannes […]

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Haruki Murakami – What Makes this Author So Great

Some people live their lives to become great, or rather, admired by many for the work they do. Whether they are geniuses who discovered various ways of using electricity or people who used paint to make the most amazing artworks, they have shared their lives with us, and many will.  From inventors who helped create […]


Best Reading Apps for Your Phone That You Must Try

Reading is a passion for many people. As a matter of fact, it is an activity that can really clear your mind and help you relax while teaching you new things. Old paperback and hardcover books are being replaced by contemporary technology. Nowadays people tend to read books on their tablets, mobile phones, and e-reading […]


Books Written by Athletes that Sports Fans and Players Should Read

In order to advance we need to learn new things or new tricks, and quality books are full of useful insights. By documenting what we know and passing our lessons along to the new generation we help the society move forward. Furthermore, everyone enjoys the opportunity to learn from their role models. If  22Bet Bonus […]


Is Reading in VR a Good Idea as it Seems?

Book readers are a specific kind altogether. There are a lot of things that they consider that regular people who don’t read as much are oblivious to. The mood, the light, the setting, the hardcover, the paperback, everything… So adding new technology to reading as a completely new aspect that can make or break the […]


Reading in the future: Print Books or E-Books?

Reading a book is an absolute delight! You put on your reading glasses, brew a fresh cup of coffee, sit down in your favorite chair, adjust the light, and immerse yourself in the world of wonders that the story offers. It is a unique experience for everyone individually and each person will follow their own […]


The Most Interesting Books About the Lottery

The lottery is one of the oldest forms of organized legal gambling. Throughout the years, lotteries from all over the world have made a lot of people rich. However, these people are only a fraction of the whole population that fills lottery tickets on a daily basis. Everybody who plays the lottery or does sports […]


The Most Popular Books About Video Games

The video game craze began with the production of the first popular home consoles, like the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, and others. Today, we have Playstation, Wii, Xbox, and a bunch of games that can be installed on our PCs. The world of video gaming has gotten much bigger in the last […]