Books Written by Athletes that Sports Fans and Players Should Read

In order to advance we need to learn new things or new tricks, and quality books are full of useful insights. By documenting what we know and passing our lessons along to the new generation we help the society move forward. Furthermore, everyone enjoys the opportunity to learn from their role models. If  22Bet Bonus allows us to have more fun by placing bets on our favorite athletes, reading the books they wrote allows us to know them a bit better. To the end, it would be good to go over some famous books written by legendary athletes and possibly incorporate their perspective into our mindset. 

“The Mamba Mentality” by Kobe Bryant

Kobe is without a doubt one of the best players who ever lived and the offensive skills he brought on the table were nothing short of legendary. Throughout his career, he acquired the nickname “The Black Mamba,” which is why the book is called “The Mamba Mentality.” The book reveals the amount of work and determination required to attain the level of proficiency in basketball that Kobe had, and a lot of advice is really exclusive to the book. It is a piece of work that Kobe did after retiring, and anyone who aspires to become a professional basketball player should definitely not second-guess the decision to read this book.  

“Championship Fighting” by Jack Dempsey

One of the older boxing icons Jack Dempsy has served as a main source of inspiration for many athletes. Even Bruce Lee used Jack’s “Falling Step” to perfect his punches, and Mike Tyson created his own version of Dempsey Roll which is the most iconic technique he used. Jack was famous for being able to knock out bigger opponents using both unique techniques and ferocity. Jack really laid the foundation for the generation of fighters that came after him, as he managed to utilize weight balancing as the main weapon in his arsenal for both defense and offense. So, if you love boxing or martial arts in general “Championship Fighting” is a book that has a lot to offer, and will definitely help you in perfecting your techniques. 

“The Soul of a Butterfly”  by Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, also known as The Greatest of All Time, left behind a book full of wisdom that you can apply in everyday life. The book is Ali’s autobiography, and he states that during his boxing career he only knew a part of himself and that the journey to self-discovery only began once he retired. He wrote the book in collaboration with his daughter and the book mainly consists of major events that he experienced throughout his life. So if you want to know what life of the greatest heavyweight champion was like outside of the ring, make sure you pick up “The Soul of a Butterfly.”

There are many amazing books written by or about athletes, maybe you are more interested in a different sport, have a different role model, and therefore want to read something else. All in all, these are the books that are definitely worth your time, so give them a chance.