The Most Interesting Books About the Lottery

The lottery is one of the oldest forms of organized legal gambling. Throughout the years, lotteries from all over the world have made a lot of people rich. However, these people are only a fraction of the whole population that fills lottery tickets on a daily basis. Everybody who plays the lottery or does sports betting has hopes of winning, although, in reality, chances of each individual are almost astronomical. You can say that the lottery is a phenomenon of sorts, representing a magnet for the masses that hope to get rich overnight without effort. That’s why the lottery was the subject of many books, some of which we are going to list in this article.

How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction by Eddie Coronado

There’s no better person to write the book about winning the lottery than an actual winner of one. In this book, Eddie Coronado shares his ideas and beliefs that through the law of attraction and mind power you too can win millions. While the book focuses on how to win a lottery, the author also suggests that this technique can be used for many other things in life, like acquiring a better job, finding a perfect soulmate, and more.

Lottery Master Guide by Gail Howard

As another strategy guide on how to win the lottery, this book written by Gail Howard offers extensive knowledge than any lottery participants should apply. The book focuses on noticing the specific numbers in drawings and gives a more statistical approach to this type of gambling. It covers all the modern forms of the game, including Powerball and Mega Millions.

Lottery Boy by Michael Byrne

If you would like an inspiring fictional story rather than a list of tips and strategies, Lottery Boy by Michael Byrne should be your next read. It is a story about a boy who lost his mother and is living on the streets of London with his dog. In the turn of events, he finds a lottery ticket his mother left him that turns out to be the winning one. However, the word spreads out and the pursuit for the poor boy’s ticket is on.

Lottery by Patricia Wood

This great book is about a young man named Perry who has low IQ but enough knowledge learned from his grandmother to survive the rough world around him. One of the things granny taught him is to play the lottery every week. After she dies, Perry is left with no one, but the luck turns on him as he buys the winning ticket and finds himself with more money than he ever expected of having.

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

This short story by Shirley Jackson tells the tale of a group of people living in a small town in New England and practicing a local tradition of playing the lottery. Being described as one of the best short stories in American literature, The Lottery is definitely worth an afternoon read.