Reading in the future: Print Books or E-Books?

Reading a book is an absolute delight! You put on your reading glasses, brew a fresh cup of coffee, sit down in your favorite chair, adjust the light, and immerse yourself in the world of wonders that the story offers.

It is a unique experience for everyone individually and each person will follow their own ritual. Some prefer to keep their books neat while others fold them in half. For that reason, some would use paperbacks while others like the feel of a hardcover.

But in modern times, we have a completely new choice to make – Print books or E-books, just like we have a choice when it comes to playing casino games –  you can do it online with Bitstarz Bonus Code, or go to the actual casino.

With the development of smartphones and tablets, we have become a screen society. No longer are you able to see a person just walking down the street minding their own business. Oftentimes they have their head stuck into some kind of a handheld device. So it is becoming natural that people are starting to read e-books more and more.

So which will prevail in the end? Are the dinosaurs that are the printed books going to be extinct and step back allowing e-books to prosper?

The Convenience of E-Books

I am not going to lie, e-books are much more convenient! They do have lots of advantages compared to print books. One of them is that they are interactive. You can add animated text and links to a passage with ease and attract the reader. 

E-readers are also advanced enough today that you can easily adjust them to your eyes and choose the preferences that you like. You don’t have to carry tons of books with you as they are compressed together in a neat little file and stored in your reader waiting for you to read. Plus, buying an e-version of a book that you want to read is a lot cheaper than getting a real copy.

The Tradition of Print Books

Although e-books have lots of advantages when it comes to convenience, there is still something romantic when it comes to real books. It is like watching a really old movie, the black and white ones, they do have a certain appeal that comes with it that evokes feelings of nostalgia in a reader.

If you had fallen in love with reading while using print books, chances are that you will forever prefer them. The ritual of turning and feeling the pages, smelling the old paper, and having to use a bookmarker so you continue reading where you left off is something that book purists will prefer.

It may be old-school, it does sound old-fashioned, you might need to adjust the light just the right way so you don’t go blind, but printed books are like a really oldsmobile that you see cruising down the street from time to time.

What does the Future Hold?

Sadly for book purists, the future doesn’t seem bright. E-books are winning the fight and chances are that they might emerge as the ultimate winner of the war. Newer generations are looking for convenience and they prefer having everything served immediately to them.

That said, real books are not going to go extinct. They are still going to be kept around. Their numbers are going to diminish but they will prevail as a sweet token of the past.