Best Reading Apps for Your Phone That You Must Try

Reading is a passion for many people. As a matter of fact, it is an activity that can really clear your mind and help you relax while teaching you new things. Old paperback and hardcover books are being replaced by contemporary technology. Nowadays people tend to read books on their tablets, mobile phones, and e-reading devices. 

Because of that, people should be informed about the current best apps for reading. Stay tuned to find out what are our best picks.


FBReader is a good option for basic use and casual reading. It supports EPUB (up to EPUB3), AZW3, HTML, RTF, fb2, and plain text documents, as well. It offers an option to sync your books between devices through Google Drive. The app also supports gesture control and you can download FBReader for free which is quite a great deal just like the 22Bet Bonus. On the other hand, you can opt to pay a monthly fee of $5.99 for the Premium version.

Google Play Books

In Google Play Books app, readers can choose from different types and formats such as magazines, books, and more. As far as formats are concerned you can also choose various formats like book formats, or comic books, etc. In addition, the app is completely free to download, but some books can be rented or bought and the prices vary depending on your choice. Readers also have an option to upload their favorite books to their cloud. 

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is similar to book reading apps like Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Amazon Kindle and their competitor as well. Kobo supports eBooks, audiobooks, and syncing between different devices. To point out, the app has a Night Mode for those who like late-night reading and more cool features.

Prestigio Book Reader

This app is known as the app that changes its name on a yearly basis. But regardless of that, it’s still considered to be one of the top reading apps out there. It offers over 50.000 downloadable books with text-to-speech options and 25 languages. The cross-device synchronization is supported with a registered account. You have a lot of customization options inside the app including a Night Mode for late-night readers. There are in-app ads that can be removed with a single $2.99 in-app purchase.


FullReader is one of the most popular eBook reader apps. Not only does it support the less popular file types like CBZ and CBR, but it also supports a wide range of popular eBook file types as well as audiobooks. It’s simplified and can be easily used by almost everyone. It also supports synchronization between devices and a translator with over 95 languages to choose from. FullReader is a free downloadable app but if you want to support the app there is an option for donations.