Get Yourself Out of a Reading Slump With These Tips

Regardless of how much you love doing something, there will always come a period when you simply don’t have the energy or will to do it. In the world of reading, this is known as a reading slump. The duration of a reading slump can vary from a couple of days to even a few years. During that period picking up a book and reading what was once a passion can now feel like a chore. 

But the most important thing is not to let the reading slump discourage you and lead you to hate the thing you were passionate about – reading. Every person is different in their own way, so getting out of a reading slump will be different for everyone. However, if you need some tips on how to get out of a reading slump, you can find some that could work for you here.

Start Reading One of Your Favorite Books Again

Reading one of your favorite books again could be really helpful when it comes to getting you out of a reading slump. Mostly because you aren’t starting a new book, and you already know that you really liked it and that it won’t disappoint you. Besides, that could lead you to figure out what led you to become passionate about reading in the first place.

Watch a Movie Adaption of a Book

Most book enthusiasts love reading because of all the details they can find in the book. This is mostly noticed when watching a movie adaptation of a book you previously read. Everything will seem a bit empty and you will have a feeling like something is missing. Which can really ignite the love for details that the book possesses.

Take a Break

Sometimes pushing and forcing yourself to read can be completely counter-productive. Everybody needs a break sometimes. So, maybe the problem is you are just exhausted. Take a break for a few days and try doing something else you like. Hopefully, the love for reading will come back soon.

Create a Routine

When in a reading slump, most of us avoid reading and do other things instead – which could be the problem in some cases. You might need to approach the problem differently.

First of all, figure out what period of the day you like reading the most. For some it’s in the morning, for others it could be in the evening or the night, so, see what suits you the best. Secondly, set the alarm to a preferred reading time and start reading daily. Over time you will start looking forward to that reading break and just like that, your love for reading will be back.

Turn off Your Phone

While trying to be absorbed in a book, a lot of things can distract you. The notifications from your phone and other types of noise can be the ones to blame for your reading slump. The constant interruptions like calls, texts, and emails can really hold you back from being absorbed by the book. Because of that, turning off your phone or putting it on silent while reading can be really productive.