Writers' Lounge

Useful Tips for Beginner Writers

Is the writer born as such, or does one become a writer by learning how to do it on a daily basis? Well, it’s actually both. There are some individuals that are natural talents for writing, but that alone won’t get them anywhere near success if they’re lazy. Writing requires hard work and patience. But […]


The Most Useful Books For Sports Betting

You may think that there isn’t too much correlation between literature and sports betting, but we are here to prove you otherwise. Many experts wrote about their knowledge on advanced sports analytics and turned it into books that a lot of gamblers find useful. Unlike most casino games, sports betting is not solely based on […]

Publishing and Printing

How to get Started in Book Publishing

If you love reading and evaluating books, there is no better job in the world than being a book publisher. There are a lot of different positions in this industry. You don’t necessarily have to be an editor right away, as you can also interview for production, marketing and sales, digital and audio departments, and […]