The following are available to review or for other forms of coverage (links lead to press materials for books):



The Good Divide by Kali VanBaale

Tacky Goblin by T. Sean Steele

Animal Heart by Paul Luikart

Nominal Cases by Thomas Cotsonas

Knockout by John Jodzio

Crepuscule W/Nellie by Joe Milazzo

That Night Alive by Tara Deal

In Their Arms by Thomas Moore

The Adventures of Jesus Christ Boy Detective, by J. Bradley

8th Street Power & Light by Eric Shonkwiler

Letters from Dinosaurs by Leland Cheuk

And Wind Will Wash Away by Jordan A. Rothacker

Suite for Barbara Loden by Nathalie Leger

Apocalypse All the Time by David S. Atkinson

Settright Road by Jon Boilard

The Gift by Barabara Browning

Dog Years by Melissa Yancy

A Revised Poetry of Western Philosophy by Daniel Grandbois

Postludes by Matthew Burnside

Massive Cleansing Fire by Dave Housley

I’m Fine, but You Appear to be Sinking by Leyna Krow

The Australian by Emma Smith-Stevens

The Coming by David Osborne

We Could’ve Been Happy Here by Keith Lesmeister



The Deathbed Editions by Dan Hoy

Body Text by Sean D. Henry-Smith

The Habiliments by Joe Milazzo

Equilibrium by Tiana Clark

Women, Money, Children, Ghosts by Emily Bludworth de Barrios

Dead Year by Anne Cecelia Holmes

The Woodlands by Cate Peebles

Bath Poems by Dara Cerv

Alexia by Jessica Poli

Eau-de-Vie by Chad Reynolds

Dear Everyone by Matt Shears

Notes on the End of the World by Meghan Privitello

In Which I Play the Runaway by Rochelle Hurt

Dovetail Down the House by Kallie Falandays

Because I Can See Needing a Knife by Noah Stetzer

Unbearable Splendor by Sun Yung Shin

So What So That by Marjorie Welsh

What Are We Not For by Tommy Blount

Primer by Aaron Smith

Hour of the Ox by Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello

In the Volcano’s Mouth by Miriam Bird Greenberg

Human Terminal Velocity by Christina Olson

Fail Better by beyza ozer

Interglacials by Dalton Day

I Am Heavy W/ Feeling: A Correspondence by Joshua Young & Alexis Pope



Estranger by Erik Anderson

Is This the Most Romantic Moment of my Life? by Elinor Abbott

You with Your Memory Are Dead by Gary J. Shipley

The Narco-Imaginary: Essays Under the Influence by Ramsey Scott

Assassin of Youth by Alexandra Chasin

Gentlemen Prefer Asians: Tales of Gay Indonesians and Green Card Marriages by Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta

Body Horror: Capitalism, Fear, Misogyny, Jokes by Anne Elizabeth Moore

Rooted: The Best New Arboreal Nonfiction (Edited by Josh MacIvor-Andersen)



Blackbirds in September: Selected Shorter Poems of Jürgen Becker (Translated by Okla Elliott)

Flesh of Leviathan, by Chus Pato (Translated by Erin Moure)

the rou of alch, by Pablo Katchadjian (Translated by Victoria Cóccaro & Rebekah Smith)

Monitored Properties, by Florencia Castellano (Translated by Alexis Almeida)



How’s Everything Going? Not Good by Jon-Michael Frank

The Collected Cat Rackham by Steve Wolfhard

Exits by Daryl Seitchik

Hot or Not: 20th-Century Male Artists by Jessica Campbell

Wendy’s Revenge by Walter Scott

Laurels of Xenon by Ryan Dodgson


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