The following are available to review or for other forms of coverage:



How to Carry Scars by Dana Green

Self-Portrait with Boy by Rachel Lyon

Kiss Kiss by Paul Beckman

Flesh Made World by Daulton Dickey

Tucumcari by Patrick Parks

Nothing Short Of: Selected Tales from 100 Word Story

The Vain Conversation by Anthony Grooms

ActivAmerica by Meagan Cass

Like a Champion by Vincent Chu

JRZDVLZ by Lee Klein

Kill Me Now by Timmy Reed

Clara at the Edge by Mary Jo Fox

Queen of Spades by Michael Shou-Yung Shum

The Roar of the River by Jorge Armenteros

Paradise Field by Pamela Ryder

Live from Medicine Park by Constance Squires

Planet Grim by Alex Behr

Uncountry by Yanara Friedland



The Hatch by Joe Fletcher

So Long the Sky by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

Another Way to Play: Poems 1960-2017 by Michael Lally

Bird Odyssey by Barbara Hamby

Fall by T.A. Noonan

Lessons in Camouflage by Martin Ott

deadboy by Jason Morphew

Indictus by Natalie Eilbert

Too Quick for the Living by Walter Bargen

Unmark by Montreux Rotholtz

The Polite Society by Ross White

Our Bodies & Other Fine Machines by Natalie Wee

Every Room in the Body by Kerri French

Traces of a Fifth Column by Marco Maisto

ROYGBIV by Nathan Wade Carter

Malak by Jenny Safre-Orafai

Little Climates by L.A. Johnson

The Second O of Sorrow by Sean Thomas Dougherty

The Gospel of Regicide by Eunsong Kim



Eat the Apple by Matt Young

On a Clear Day by Jasmine Dreame Wagner

At the Lightning Field by Laura Raicovich

A Good Leave by George Sawaya & Devin Kelly

Unravelings by Sarah Cheshire

Ideal Suggestions: Essays in Divinatory Poetics by Selah Saterstrom



Flesh of Leviathan by Chus Pato (Translated by Erin Moure)

In the Woods of Memory by Shun Medoruma (Translated by Takuma Sminkey)

Fastness: A Translation from the English of Edmund Spenser (Translated by Trevor Joyce) 



The Ideal Copy by Ben Sears

Winter’s Cosmos by Michael Comeau

A Western World by Michael DeForge

XTC69 by Jessica Campbell

Somnabulence by Fiona Smyth

Everywhere Disappeared by Patrick Kyle

Language Barrier by Hannah K. Lee


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