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How to Skin a Rabbit


spread my legs            to look
for the point of            thaw

my coccyx snaps         from your teeth, the force
of your bones

pull my hair     to test the state            of my decay
the edge          of my spine                 quivers:
dorsal cut



bend me over               the rotating axle
on the fleshing machine          meant for deer, bear—

separate my membranes
from the tissues between        my skin
and meat & fat



with a stainless steel blade.     Borax my thighs, my
breasts, my

salty parts                    green-bellied, bloated from
the sun

deflesh             my meager fat
my capillaries are        breaking



turn my             ears & lips &
nose                 until my carcass          gives

marvel at the way my             blood stills
over sites of                 trauma 

the way my                  organs lie         neatly packed
like candies                 behind glass

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