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On Beauty and Boredom


After The Venus of Urbino, 1538
About the erotic the old masters
could not agree  more it’s why Titian
lavishes such attention on Venus’ fingers
two in the purpling flowers
not hiding anything she flutters the lips of her
pudenda her fleshy things rushed
by each pass of digits

but this is lazy sex as much is
and not of consuming interest
even to Titian in the lady’s
chambers where shade percolates

an attendant glances idly
into the cassone a spaniel
curls calmly into itself
the young maid who must have seen
something spellbinding—
a velveteen woman sprawled
before lechers—had seen it before
and dreams instead of coins for mussels

you can almost hear her
asking Titian as much as herself
what’s the value
of rumpled sheets to any decent
woman anyway there are stocks
to thicken novels and myths to peruse

in the library when the day’s heat
recesses to its chambers
and she can finally open her books
stupid Paris the maid must think
politicking away golden apples
he should have shoved
the thing into his trousers
savored each miraculous bite. 

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