On Holiday: Update


The good people at Braughler Books turned around a proof of HFR 4.2 way ahead of schedule (nearly one day after we FTP’d the files, in fact), so we should see those beauts in a couple weeks.

Have you checked out the preorder page for HFR 4.2? Please do so if you already haven’t. This forthcoming issue will be specially priced at $10 for a limited time only, and features a beautiful cover spread with artwork by Sebastiano Ranchetti of PopDesign; fiction by Caren Beilin, Kathy Fish, Molly Gaudry, and Evan Lavender-Smith; the featured novella Kiddo by Leslie Parry (selected by Jac Jemc for inclusion in the issue); poetry by Jamison Crabtree, Nicholas Grider, Jane Lewty, Meghan Privitello, and Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib; an essay by Salvatore Pane originally published online with us; and comics by Disa Wallander; plus much, much more.

Looking for more fun throughout the holiday weekend, when you are marooned at distant relatives’ homes? We’ve got you covered with recent top-notch efforts by friends and contributors in independent literature:

Contributor Nick Sweeney of Publishing Genius has been working around the clock to organize a sweet offering of eBook reads called eBook Flights. These are just eBooks on the short side by the likes of Gabe Durham, Lily Hoang, and Bob Schofield, NBD. Think of it as a literary version of a wine or beer flight, enough to get you started, enough to get you thirsty for more. The effort spawns from the gem of an idea Adam Robinson had some time back “… for an ebook series that would feature uncommon books, like novellas of in-between lengths, or books with bizarre voices, or ‘unique’ books that go well together.”

Invisible Women by Lily Hoang, Locked Away by Gabe Durham, and Man Bites Cloud by Bob Schofield are all available to review through our publicity page above.

Halle Butler, whose novel Jillian was published by Curbside Splendor Publishing, is raising funds for her new film, Neighborhood Food. From the film description:

Convinced that throwing a series of lavish but unsolicited fundraisers for a local food depository will improve her public image in her gentrifying neighborhood, panic-stricken Naomi convinces her level-headed business partner Madeline to hire a naive intern to help them in their misguided philanthropy. The food drives are increasingly ineffective and disastrous. People are hurt, friendships are damaged, promises are broken, and no one does anything good for anyone else.

The effort is in the last stretch of crowdfunding and has thirty-four hours left to campaign at Kickstarter. They’ve met the goal but every little bit helps them create a better picture. Read an interview with the directors at Filmmaker here. Check out the link above, and consider supporting the film’s production. There are some great rewards for doing so: music, books, original artwork, DVDs, and more!

4.1 contributor Adrian Van Young is writing an interactive serial mystery in installments for Open Road Media’s crime/horror website The Lineup, called, The Murder Chronicles: A New Orleans Murder Mysterywhich follows ambulance-chasing photojournalist Jim Sherl on a dark (possibly occult) descent into New Orleans’ contemporary underbelly.

There are twelve installments appearing every week which also crowdsource audience plot suggestions!

We hope you have a great holiday weekend and look forward to returning next week with more reviews and excellent literary news. 5.1 is out of the gates with ten interior illustrations locked down, a story from a personal favorite writer of one of our editors, and a great essay and poem. Not to mention the exciting Double Take Poetry Prize is underway until November. Send us something?


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