Breaking: Lucy Corin Selects Winning Manuscript to Feature in HFR 3.3

FOLLOW THROUGH, by Colin Winnette (above), will appear in HFR 3.3.

Lucy Corin, author of One Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses (McSweeney’s Books, 2013), has selected Colin Winnette’s Follow Through to win the HFR 3.3 featured chapbook contest. As the grand prize winner, Colin will receive $250, a printed copy of the issue, a limited edition HFR t-shirt, a lifetime digital subscription to HFR, and his chapbook will be published in HFR 3.3 in April.

Unsurprisingly, Colin has already authored three books—Revelation (2011), Animal Collection (Spork Press, 2012), and most recently, Fondly (Atticus Books, 2013). He lives in San Francisco. A portion of Follow Through was published by NAP as the eChap Half of Something, which you can read here.

Colin joins past winners Ryder Collins, whose manuscript, The way the sky was now, was selected by Amber Sparks and published in 3.1, and Jim Redmond, whose manuscript, Shirts or Skins, was selected by Noah Eli Gordon and published in 3.2.

About the manuscript, Lucy said: “Follow Through is elegant, sure footed, smart—a nest of sticks that won’t stay sticks—a nest of sticks that snowballs—scary and marvelous.” We are overjoyed to give it a home.

Finalists for the contest were: I rattled/ I didn’t even know I could, by Melissa Goodrich; Rip the Tits & Other Stories, by Kathryn Mockler; The Antlantis Hit Parade, by Kenneth Pobo; What to Say to Aliens, by Marc J. Sheehan; and Miscast, by Michael Trocchia. Per their achievement, each finalist is guaranteed to receive special mention in the issue as well as other prizes, including a lifetime digital subscription to the journal, a printed copy of the issue, and a limited edition HFR t-shirt.

We would like to thank all of the entrants for their excellent work and for supporting HFR. Our next contest, a POETRY feature, will not be announced until the end of summer, but we are currently reading for our first themed double-issue, “Vacancies”—all genres, ranging in scope from fiction to comics and more—about which you can read here.

HFR 3.3 features work by Emily Grace Bernard, Ace Boggess, Andrew Bourelle, Edward Bourelle, Guy Benjamin Brookshire, J. Scott Bugher, Jonathan Callahan, Dalton Day, Joe Hall, Justin Hamm, Jason Hardung, Neal Kitterlin, Laura McCullough, Alex McElroy, Britt Melewski, Zach Mueller, JoAnna Novak, Nina Puro, Joe Sacksteder, Grażyna Smalej, Jeff Tigchelaar, Marc Vincenz, Charles Harper Webb, Chelsea Laine Wells, Gabriel Welsch, Luke Wiget, D. Harlan Wilson, Colin Winnette, Peter Witte, and is now available to preorder:

mock 33 cover web

Until April 15, 2014, preorder HFR 3.3 (print) for $10, and receive the eBook download for free.


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