HFR 1.2: The Reckoning

We went all unnecessary-nineties-action sequel for this post’s title. Anyway, thought we’d mention that our new issue is up, and that the lineup is not something to skip out on (stick around after the credits for The Avengers‘ tie-in, will ya?):

Current Issue

Available now via Kindle and NookHFR volume one, issue two. Previews on the blog are forthcoming all this week.


“Claudius,” by Amy Lawless
“Riding in Jeeps with Men,” by Amye Archer
“I Love You Like This Because I Don’t Know Any Other Way to Love,” by Michael Sheehan
“So Fucking Metal,” by Dave Housley
“Laps,” by Shawn Maddey
Two Poems, by Mathias Svalina
Two Poems, by Joshua Kleinberg
“Moonburn,” by Faith Gardner
“Helen,” by Robert Duncan Gray
Two Poems, by Steve McGouldrick
Three Poems, by David Brennan
“The Unintentional Dreads,” by Zeke Jarvis
“THE BROTHER PACT,” by David Tomaloff
Two Poems, by Rhonda Lott
from Leafmold, by F. Daniel Rzicznek
“The Fire Ant Colony,” by Matthew Dexter
from Knotty, Knotty, Knotty, by Joshua Kornreich
Two Poems, by Brian Beatty
“Day Trip with David,” by Randolph Pfaff
Two Poems, by Parker Tettleton
“Killing the Sax,” by Jamie Iredell
“Rubber Bands,” by Melissa Wiley
Two Poems, by Leia Penina Wilson
“over & over until again,” by M.G. Martin
from Boy Is Winter’s Tongue, by Joshua R. Helms
“Passion Play,” by Nick Kimbro
“Driftwood,” by J. Bradley
“That Kind of Cleaning,” by Robert Lopez
Two Poems, by Mark DeCarteret
“Strange Bravery I Pay the Gods For,” by Sarah Bartlett
“On Seeing My Ex in a Porno,” by Dillon J. Welch
“Fourth of July, 2010,” by William Henderson
Three Poems, by Gary Glauber
“How to Sell a Mattress,” by Hannah Stephenson
“There’s a Swan in My Scrotum,” by Rolli
“78 Facts about a Resident of Burwash Landing,” by Patrick Kelling
Two Poems, by Nathan Moore and W.F. Roby
Two Poems, by Daniel D’Angelo

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